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Parallel Lines

Diamond Bella, like most of her vampire kin, lives and works on the upper floors of the Keep. However, her managers are always quite hush hush about her monthly activities. On every full moon she sneaks away from her fellow vampires and pays a visit to Rolling Bones casino. She just can't seem to make up her mind!

A young vampire with a crystal clear purpose. That diamond skin comes in very handy, with 3 silver +1 as well as an addtional +1 to defence against Brawl attacks, Diamond Bella is an extremely durable Superstar who can take even the biggest hits. Blood Siphon allows her to recover Stamina from Bleeding wrestlers, making her even more durable.

She has two special moves, first is a Crystalline Clothesline, a high damage Rope attack that stuns her opponent. The second is a signature Turnbuckle move, Diamond Dust, which can deal devastating damage to all enemies that are near her landing.

Her Crowd Pleaser, Shining in the Twilight, will daze any wrestler who is in base contact with her.

Contains 1 resin multi-part miniature with square acrylic base.

Resin miniature supplied unpainted and unassembled. This kit will require cleaning and assembly, and could need some small holes filled. Note that clear acrylic bases have a peelable protective film. Miniatures supplied with square bases.

Diamond Bella

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