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Parallel Lines



Some of The Children of the Fallen God have recently returned to the world above. A handful has forsaken their subterranean kingdom for life under the suns blinding light. The man they call Ekashiba is one of these brave souls. For centuries they have remained hidden, driven underground by the first of the Savage Waves against this world. They had chosen an open domed cave far beneath the lofty and terrifying heights of Takawa’s Talon as their place of worship. Here, the bodies of expelled tengu from the world above would arrive explosively, bathing the initiates in blood, bone and the holy feathers of their sky-bound gods that they worship from afar. The elders take these twisted remains and fashion talismans, clothes, and even weapons of war for the rest of the tribe. Ekashiba is one of these tentative explorers. He carries a Tengu Bone pick, far superior to most of what the tribe wield. He also has a sacred talisman that he prays gives him some of the tengu’s innate nature. Clad in the remains of his fallen gods, Ekashiba yearns to seek a path to the top of the Talon not just to worship the tengu from afar but serve them loyally as a follower.

In your Descension Warband, Ekashiba offers a new, gruesome way to gain more Virtue Tokens. His Spirit and Courage Traits make him more reliable against enemy Fear and Opposed Ki tests. Like most Tribesmen, he is a decent Melee Fighter. His usefulness will only grow as we discover more models from the Children of the Fallen Gods and their synergies become apparent.

Blister contains one miniature, 30mm base and full colour profile card.


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