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Parallel Lines



You wouldn’t look twice at Jum if he came towards you on the streets. He looks like any other townsman you would see going about his business. That’s until he slips off into the shadows to throw a bevy of shuriken at his opponents to soften them up! But it is when he closes in for the kill that his abilities become clear. His training allows him to match even a Samurai in melee as long as they don’t know he’s coming for them!

Jum is simple: Get surprise and he performs much better than his Rice Cost would suggest. Even against a canny opponent, he can still utilise his Camouflage and Shuriken’s Combo Attack to get damage out but his surprise melee is to be feared. A very handy, Silvermoon killer.

Blister contains one miniature, 30mm base and full colour profile card.


SKU: 0614324559849
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