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Parallel Lines



Despite his inexperience, he is a Buto of unquestionable worth. Even though he has a confident presence and intimidation factor, his apprenticeship with Brother Zandaka has raised eyebrows among the Three Moons hierarchy of the Silvermoon Trade Syndicate. When seen together, most assume Zandaka to be the negotiator and Lama’a the muscle; actually, Lama’a is often just the distraction, and Brother Zendaka is the threat. We all know just how much the Silvermoon loves threat and distraction! Lama’a has the power to wield his fearsome Sasumata alongside his Jumo training to devastating effect while being able to soak up punishment that would kill a rhino in the fighting pits of Jima.

The Distraction Ki Feat is always welcome in Silvermoon Warbands and having access to it in Yokozuna’s Revenge is a great advantage.

Blister contains one miniature supplied with a 40mm base and full colour profile card. No


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