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Parallel Lines

Ashigaru of the Peaks


The Hoshi family, while so entwined with the Minimoto as to be near indistinguishable, maintain their own Ashigaru and those living higher up the Iron Mountains are close to the Kami and Spirits of the mountains. The Hoshi have access to Minimoto blacksmiths and all the benefits this bestows upon their weapons and armour. The Ashigaru’s connection to the spiritual and the cold of the peaks can cause their enemies to freeze and slow while they wield their Yari to trip opponents before finishing them off. It is the aspiration of all the Hoshi’s Ashigaru to walk the mountain peaks unhampered. When they can do this and not be killed by the freezing temperatures, bears or Kami, the Ashigaru ascend to the extremes to guard the Hoshi Family, rarely descending again.

Like most Miniomoto Ashigaru, these new troops from the Hoshi family offer good Armour, Defence from opposed Ki and extra benefits for holding a point alone, including Aware to prevent any surprises.

Blister contains one miniature supplied with a 30mm base and full colour profile card.

Ashigaru of the peaks

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