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Parallel Lines



The Hoshi and the Minimoto families are so intertwined as to be almost one. Many a Hoshi daughter has descended from the frozen peaks above to marry a Minimoto, son. Equally, many a Minimoto has risen from below to take their place in a Hoshi household. Sora is an excellent representation of this, a fine blend of both Houses. He carries the bear’s blessing in his large frame and stalwart manner, but it is Hoshi blood that allows him to withstand the fierce winds and freezing snows that blanket the Iron Mountian’s peaks. While still an ashigaru, he is tipped to join the ranks of the guards who protect the ice maidens. Only the very best are given this posting, as it means living in the high places of the world, in gale-force winds, blizzards and whiteouts that can last for days, weeks even. Sora has embraced the best of his lineage and has become a blizzard warrior of some renown.

Blister contains one miniature, 30mm base and full colour profile card.


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