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Parallel Lines



Tomo was training in medicine. While still an apprentice they were called to tend to a sick patient and made a terrible error. Not only was the patient lost but Tomo contracted their disease. Now horribly disfigured Tomo was unable to get new patients; who wants to see a diseased doctor? Also dismissed from finishing the required education, fate seemed to have nothing but failure in store. Things turned around when Tomo discovered exactly what kind of patient would go to such a healer. Several Silvermoon Shatei burst into Tomo's meagre rooms with a fellow who was about to bleed to death. With unfinished and imperfect knowledge, Tomo did the best they could and the patient survived. Now valued for keeping clients confidential as much as healing talents, Tomo makes a living tending to the lowest rung of the Syndicate’s employees. Several patients have died due to the shock of the treatments and many bear terrible scars from the primitive, half understood methods Tomo uses but when the Magistrates or the Prefecture Patrols are after you, sometimes there is no other choice...

Tomo can be of great use just from the Heal(2) trait. On large, Tough models like Buto, being able to get a little health back is a great benefit. Cauterise is a niche feat but when you need it such a cheap, Active feat is likely to save a lot of damage (Or even activations). Kill or Cure, combined with the Unique Effect, shows off another example of Silvermoons new mechanics. First seen on Kenmeina in the two player starter set, while Tomo is on full Ki, representing being well paid and looked after, she can use her Kill or Cure feat, ignoring the Once Per Game rule. This can be a huge swing with models with high numbers of wound boxes but the swing can be either way. As always with the Silvermoon Syndicate, are you lucky today?

Blister contains one miniature supplied with a 30mm base and full colour profile card.


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