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Parallel Lines

MDF Terrain Kit

The Toshi: Courtyard Kit is made up of multipart wall sections to adjust to your game board and a sliding door gate to control access to those contained within. The walls can cover an area up to 2x1ft.

This kit can be used in conjunction with the Toshi: Courtyard Wall Extensions kit or Toshi: Courtyard Wall Ruins kit to extend your Fortress. It can also be doubled up with a second Courtyard kit protect yourself from all sides.

The Toshi: Courtyard Walls kit is made from 3mm MDF. It is a great scenery kit to use in Fantasy skirmish games, will work perfectly with 28-32mm games and miniatures and look great on an Eastern Inspired Traditional game board.

Model supplied unpainted and requires assembly. We advise using PVA glue for the best results. Some kits may need filing for a perfect fit - always dry fit your models first for best results. Any miniatures are for scale only and not included.

Toshi: Courtyard Walls

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